ESCO Industrial

Esco Industrial Contracting, LLC is a Texas based industrial staffing Company servicing different types of industry with safety and quality conscience personnel at competitive rate. ESCO is led by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the staffing and oil & gas industry. Our headquarter office is in Brownsville where all of our administrative and payroll is efficiently processed. We have recruiters & supervisors in the Houston metro area that quickly attend to any of our clients’ needs. Esco Industrial Contracting LLC believes in building strong relationships that are beneficial for all our business partners.

ESCO Industrial Contracting; LLC is located in Brownsville, Texas providing recruiting and staffing services for the oil and gas industry. With several years in the market, we have developed the knowledge and skills to deliver the perfect fit between a candidate and an employer.

ESCO was founded in 2015 to service the recruiting and staffing needs in Texas. Due to ESCO’s rapid growth and success, we’ve continued to expand our line of services to many companies focusing on oil and gas industry.

We believe in achieving goals of ultimate safety for all those involved in a project

We recognize the commitment and dedication of quality and we will show it in an excellent way.

As professionals, we desire to earn the trust of those with whom we work with and build a long lasting professional relationship


Adding value to our customers by providing a qualified workforce with the ability to efficiently and responsibly serve our customer’s needs. Treating every team member with respect and providing quality service.


Become the leading oil and gas industry staffing company in the United States. We believe in providing our customers with reliable service, a quick response to any request and above all, with safety and quality conscience personnel to get the job done for you.

We proudly work with Rus Industrial and WestPort Orange Shipyard LLC

ESCO’s engagement process is focused on you and your business needs. This consultative approach, details from start to finish how our staffing firms selects the perfect candidate for your organization.

Our Selecting Program includes five phases, which are customized to most effectively service your account.

  • Customer Analysis – We profile your company to understand your business needs and determine the services that will make your staffing process more efficient and effective.
  • Sourcing – Our Professional recruiters promptly identify the most qualified candidates using their industry knowledge and the extensive networks of our staffing firm.
  • Screening – At ESCO, we get to know each candidate beyond just their resume. We find out the skills and qualities that will achieve the perfect fit for your position.
  • Selection – To complete the hiring process, we ensure all forms, screening and certifications are verified before the employee starts.
  • Performance Monitoring – We continually monitor our performance and the performance of our employees to make sure you are continually satisfied with our service.