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From ship/vessel repairs, scheduled maintenance and new construction ESCO Industrial, LLC is large enough to meet the needs of our most demanding clients. ESCO is led by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the staffing and oil & gas industry. We have recruiters & supervisors in the Houston metro area that quickly attend to any of our clients’ needs. Esco Industrial Contracting LLC believes in building strong relationships that are beneficial for all our business partners.

We provide staff for the following industries

When looking for professional services, it is important to make sure that they meet your needs and provide excellent quality at a reasonable cost.

The maritime sector is getting bigger in different parts of the world with excellent job openings and improved career prospects.

ESCO Industrial has suitable experience that is evident from our past records to complete placements of needed manpower in the oil & gas sector.

In this modern time, it is very important to have well-manufactured industrial products. It is part of the development of the society within the country.


Find the best people to fill oil and gas positions with ESCO Industrial Contracting LLC.

ESCO Industrial Contracting; LLC offers flexible staffing options. We offer contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement options to promptly increase and decrease your workforce.

Contracting Staffing

Our contract staffing services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employed related costs.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

By utilizing ESCO’s contract-to-hire staffing services, a company can benefit from the traditional services a temporary staffing agency offers with the option to hire the employee permanently. You can observe the employee on the job to determine if he or she is the right fit for the position. After the contract period is complete, the employee can be hired on a permanent basis.

Direct Placement Staffing

Through our direct placement staffing services, ESCO Industrial Contracting; LLC assumes all responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business. We have access to a range of recruiting resources to select the perfect employee for your company. You can rely on direct placement options to increase staff for project-based work, and to grow and replenish their workforce.

Call our employment agency today to find the best employee for your empty oil and gas positions. We interview applicants, check references, offer background checks, and perform drug testing to ensure the quality of all workers.

To find the perfect employee for any position, our recruitment offices interview all applicants for qualifications, references and other criteria. With the convenient services we provide, refineries can skip the advertising and find the right person right away. No more will your ad get lost among all the listings. Our staffing offices will save you time and money with our excellent service.